Do You Need Insurance?

The short answer is YES!

You've worked hard (or you WILL if you're just starting out) to build a successful mobile vending business, so you want to be sure that everything is protected. Whether you locate your hot dog business on public or private property, you will not be allowed to open without a general business liability policy.

Accidents and disasters can and do happen, and property owners and municipalities need to know that they won't be held responsible for any damage done by you in the course of your business. If you are not properly insured, it could expose the property owner or municipality to financial damages and- even worse-leave you in financial ruin.

The simple fact is, you need insurance to protect your hot dog business and you will not be able to operate without it.

You should also make sure you don't over insure your business. Insurance is a fixed cost that affects your bottom line every day you operate so you should obviously get a general business liability policy that is affordable. You should see what your property owner or municipality requires; most expect at least $1 million in liability protection (many places require a $2 million policy- a million bucks aint what it used to be).

Once you know the size of the policy you need, the next thing you'll need to do is get a quote on a general business liability policy. You'll need to report your sales figures to the insurance company, so be prepared to do so. If you are a new business do not quote sales of more than $25K; you might even quote a lower number to get a better rate. Gross sales is the single biggest factor in determining the cost of your general liability policy. Each year your gross sales will change and it will affect the cost of your liability insurance, so be prepared for your insurance premiums to change too.

You definitely need business liability insurance for your hot dog business, there is no way around it. Get a free, no obligation quote now.

Feel free to check around the site for information on auto insurance and health insurance if you need that type of coverage as well.
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